Due to COVID-19, we have temporarily discontinued paraffin hand treatments. We don't anticipate that this will last long.

Paraffin Hand Treatment

A paraffin hand treatment is a great addition to any massage.  This 20 to 30-minute treatment will soothe tired, overworked hands, leaving them feeling soft and silky.  Not only a pampering treatment, it also relieves joint pain and softens cuticles.

We have you dip each hand into the melted paraffin wax three times, then we cover each hand with a plastic bag and a terry cloth mitt.  You relax back in a reclining chair with a warm neck-ease on your shoulders and your choice of a warm or cold eye pillow over your eyes.

The paraffin hand treatment is $12 by itself, or only $6 when purchased with a massage.

A great way to wind down before your massage or at the end of a stressful day or week!